Herve Le Louet

Herve Le Louet is Professor of clinical Pharmacology. He is currently the CEO of the WHO
Collaborating Centre for Internationa Drug Monitoring. He was the head of Vigilances and
Hygiene department of Paris University Hospitals (AP-HP). He is an hepatologist by training
and has a PhD in Pharmacogenetic from the Paris University.
He is the President of the Council for International Organizations for Medical Sciences
(CIOMS) and Past President of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP). He
was a co-opted member by the European Commission of the Pharmacovigilance Risk
Assessment Committee (PRAC) at the European Medicines Agency.
He was member of the board of the European Network of Centers of Pharmacoepidemiology
and Pharmacovigilance (ENCEPP). He was the advisor of the Minister of Health and Social
He worked on liver metabolism assessment in patients with different liver conditions and on
the drug induced mitochondria toxicity. He also worked on serious cutaneous adverse
reactions (SCAR), especially on causality assessment for Steven Johnson Syndrom and Toxic
Epidermal Necrolysis. He has learning activities in several universities worldwide.